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The Property Finder

RoadThe Property Finder is an exclusive consultant for those who wish to buy or lease a property.

It is a professional specialized in research commissioned by those who require a top quality service guaranteeing fundamental advantages such as saving time and money.

The characteristic that distinguishes the Property Finder from a traditional broker is operating in the interests of their Client, by binding him and his goals together as a trusted advisor. To ensure the excellent service the Property Finder must have a deep knowledge of the property market along with an extensive network of relationships rooted in this sector.

The figure of the Property Finder originated in the United States in the early 90s and has since been established in the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Australia.  In Italy, it is known as Home Hunter, Hunter Flat, Home Seeker, Property Hunter and also, using a very Italian expression,  “Cacciatore di Case”.  They are professional people working within the property sector, with extensive experience and fully qualified under law 39/89; specialized people in the research and purchase or lease of properties.

Usually Property Finder applies an “Engagement / Retainer Fee” (Commission of Office) before starting the search of a property. In Italy, the assignment is usually very quick, free and without reimbursement of costs by establishing a ‘Success Fee’ as compensation for the conclusion of the deal.

In addition, Property Finder, unlike traditional agencies which have their property portfolio as their main point of reference, expands the potential of research over the entire market.  Private funds and property auctions, as well as that strip of property which is not yet formally on the market but the trader has knowledge of through consolidated report, are not excluded.


DIn Italy, DESIDERAre ® is the first and the only network of Property Finding that brings together under one brand Professionals evolved with the same effective method. Experience and dedication for those who are looking for a property!

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