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What we do

assistenza_orologiWe find your Property.  We give birth to your property desires and we will do everything to make it a reality. We take care of your interests, as per your instructions, to find your property: this is our task!

The Property Finder DESIDERAre is using the fast lane reserved for those who need a real professional, motivated and dedicated to your needs.


Who is our ideal client?

The one who has neither the time nor desire to search for a property alone or has searched unsuccessfully and concludes that is a job for a professional.
The one who wants to save money because committing time to an unknown business is difficult and expensive….to have negotiations set up without them being directly involved.
The one who fears the market’s pitfalls, bureaucracy, unclear regulations and looks for a professional to be his trusted partner, till the end of the deal. And even after.
The one who lives or works far away from the chosen zone, who urgently needs a solution or requires the utmost confidentiality.
And the one who is really motivated to find the exact property that reflects his needs!


How we work

We meet, we listen to you and we qualify your project, your desired property. We hold a detailed interview to get to know and to understand your needs, expectations and preferences by identifying the correct type, location, services, context, budget and time scale. Together we also analyze the fiscal and economic aspects, involving, when needed, specialist partners. The research assignment will take approximately 30-60 days.

We act immediately on all the market opportunities exclusively to select the right one!

While we search for your property you can continue your activities, devote yourself to your interests and your family with peace of mind. Meanwhile, the Property Finder will constantly update you on the progress of the research. We will take time to analyse the solution with you and we will listen to your comments.

When a suitable property has been identified we will start the in-depth planning, land, tax, condominium agreements to set up proper commercial negotiations and proceed with the purchase with in the greatest serenity.



How much is our service worth?

How much is your time worth?
How much is it worth to find the right property for you?
And how much is your peace of mind worth?

Their sum is the Value of our service.



Free to choose

In order to provide a high quality service, the Property Finder DESIDERAre ® will only follow a maximum three clients at the same time because we are determined to successfully complete our duties. For this reason we have to make a strict selection among the clients concerned.

Our clients also need the same determination and the motivation that we have.


Do you wish to talk to us about your desired property?

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